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"The photopainting of Oscar brought many happy tears – it was a very special time and a wonderful gift. Attached are a couple of pictures (in one Cathy is crying) – the other is our son, daughter-in-law and grandkids with the painting. It was a perfect gift! "

--- Deb Brown

"I just spent some time going through the website very carefully and I don't think I quite realized what an incredible job you did on it.  It is so long and has so much material and such wonderful photographs in it and I know your hours spent had to have been many, many.  Thank you again for creating a website that is so beautiful--it just knocks my socks off. "

--- Museum of The Americas

“MacKarma Images was professional, enthusiastic, and dedicated to our project.  They made themselves available for last minute changes and worked to meet our tight timeline.
Thank you MacKarma Images for helping to make the 2009 Long Island Recycling Report Card a success!”  

--- Adrienne Esposito, Executive Director, Citizens Campaign for the Environment

OMG……We LOVE the book! This is the best photo book I have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I totally freakin LOVE everything about it!!!  I have been carrying it around in my pocketbook, showing everyone!  It came out really great and I think it’s such a perfect way to show off all our pictures without having to hand someone 300+ pictures to look at….I really love it and now fear that I will always need a vacation book—I’m totally hooked!You did a freakin amazing job and I am so excited to show it off to everyone.

-- Maureen Dolan Murphy

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